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You said you wanted to be loved
I think you wanted to be saved
But tell me how am I supposed to save a girl like you
When I don't even know how to save myself
Wish I could just forget
The double lives the awkwardness
A union scarred by bitterness
A house was built on top of our regrets
There we were in California
Two tarnished golden hearts
Were we ever really together
Or just afraid of being apart
Wish I could drive all night
Wake up in the harsh day light
In a different town start a brand new life
And never have to see your face again

I wonder if this spell we're under
Will ever be broken
I wonder if this spell we're under
Is ever
Ever going to end

I guess there's never any closure
Since the last look in her eyes
You said you hope that I'm happy now
But we both know
Like everything that's one big fucking lie
I wish I could turn around
Erase our lives take back those vows
I guess it's not that easy now
I'll tear that fucking chapel to the ground