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Indra quickly befriends Vera when she transfers to his elementary school. They grow closer to each other due to similar interests and attitudes; for instance, they both prefer to stay inside during recess due to their allergies.
Upon graduating from elementary school, Vera moves to Denpasar, due to her parents' jobs. The two keep in contact by writing letters, but despite the feelings that exist between them, they inevitably begin to drift apart. When Indra becomes aware that his family will be moving to Yogyakarta, he decides to go see Vera since they will be too far apart to visit each other at all after he moves. He also prepares a letter for Vera, revealing his true feelings. However, during the journey, he loses the letter, and a severe rainstorm continuously delays Indra's trip by several more hours. but in the way, he saw a pedestrian whose wallet was stolen and he try to help him. After that, the two finally meet, and as they share their first kiss, Indra realizes they will never be together again. Stranded in a shed due to the rainstorm, they fall asleep after talking late into the night. Indra departs the next morning, and they promise to continue writing to each other. As the train rolls away, Indra regrets the loss of his letter, while Vera silently looks at a letter she had intended to give to him.
Indra is now in the third year of senior high in Jakarta. Ayu is a classmate of Indra who had fallen in love with Indra whom met in middle school, but does not have the courage to openly confess her feelings. She spends all the time she can with him, even waiting long after school for the chance to go home together. It is obvious Ayu has strong feelings for Indra, but he appears to be blind to them; he simply regards Ayu as a good friend. Over time Ayu observes that Indra is always writing emails to someone, or staring off into the distance as if searching for something far, far away. It is revealed later in this segment, that the emails Indra is constantly writing are merely to himself, and he has had recurring dreams in which Vera is featured. Despite her feelings for Indra, Ayu believes he is searching for things far greater than anything she can offer and eventually decides against telling him how she feels.
It is 2008, and all of them have gone their separate ways. Indra is now a computer programmer in Jakarta, Vera is preparing to get married, and Ayu appears to have continued her passion for surfing. Ayu is last seen in the ending montage clearly distraught as she watches Indra's plane take off, knowing she had to let him go since her love was unrequited. Meanwhile, Indra is still longing for Vera to the detriment of his lifestyle and other relationships. His mundane life coupled with his deep desire for Vera puts him in a deep depression which eventually forces him to quit his job. Sometime after, Vera finds an old letter she meant to give Indra but never did. It sparks a dream similar to the last night they spent together. A dual dialog ensues where Indra reveals he had the same dream. In this dream, they both come to the conclusion that someday they will watch the cherry blossoms fall again.
And Finaly, Indra and Vera pass each other as they cross a set of train tracks. They both realize it and turn, but at the last second a pair of trains cut off their view after just a glimpse. Indra is seen waiting for the trains to pass, but when they do, Vera is gone. After a brief pause Indra smiles. He realizes that since Vera did not wait she must have moved on, and because of that he can too. Indra, still smiling, does not chase her as he undoubtedly could. He instead turns around and keeps heading in the direction he was, finally content and able to let her go. He don’t understand why this happen.